Gratitude: Day 15

I am grateful for breakfast. I am grateful for breakfast with friends and family. For laughs and food and local diners. For memories made and bacon eaten.

Gratitude: Day 14

I am grateful for alone time. I am a typical introvert. I thrive on alone time. There is just something about being in a space, totally by myself (except for my fur babies) that makes me instantly calm and joyful. I also thrive on structure and order. Since May, I’ve had a very predicable weekly … More Gratitude: Day 14

Gratitude: Days 12 + 13

Well it happened. I missed a day of blogging about gratitude. BUT I didn’t miss a day of being grateful! The ironic thing is that yesterday’s prompt was about experience. And I spent the day with one of my very best friends. I experienced gratitude, so I should get a pass on writing about it…right? … More Gratitude: Days 12 + 13

Gratitude: Day 11

I am grateful for sunsets. I honestly don’t know much about astrology, or clouds or why the sunset looks so different every day. Maybe if I learned about it, I would appreciate it more. But for now, I’m just glad to have the opportunity to view such magnificent beauty every single day.

Gratitude: Day 10

I am grateful for opportunity. Y’all don’t know how relevant this is today. It’s really true what they say: when one door closes, 2 more open. I can’t say much more than that today, but man am I grateful.

Gratitude: Day 9

I am grateful for food. No shit, right? I mean, food is the bomb. The really cool thing about food is what it does for your body. The food you eat turns into fuel so you can do the things you love. It gives your body the ability to fight infection. Food is survival. I’ve … More Gratitude: Day 9

Gratitude: Day 8

I am grateful for technology. Technology allows me to share this blog post with you. Technology allows me to work two other jobs while taking care of my grandma. Technology allows me to keep in touch with my husband while we both work 24+ hour shifts. Technology allows me to research products and services in … More Gratitude: Day 8

Gratitude: Day 7

I am grateful for purchases. Since becoming a minimalist about a year ago, I have not purchased many things. This of course excludes necessities such as food, clothing (only to replace what is worn out), personal hygiene products and pet supplies. Taylor and I have been living in my old bedroom since May, and plan … More Gratitude: Day 7

Gratitude: Day 6

I am grateful for warmth. Due to some thyroid issues, I have been SO COLD this winter. I mean, can’t feel my toes all day cold. Getting under a heavy blanket doesn’t help. Sitting by the fire doesn’t help. Really, the only thing that has been successful at warming my limbs has been a hot … More Gratitude: Day 6