here goes nothing…

I could sit here and think about how important my first ever blog post is, or I could start writing.

We have twitter for short, witty, 40 character comments. Instagram for throwback Thursday and man crush Monday. I have found I want a central place to dump my musings, rant about social frustrations, and maybe do the occasional ‘look for less’ 😉
Also it would be nice to have a place I don’t have to worry about grandma stumbling onto my sometimes vulgar thoughts.
So I present to you “Opposite of Ordinary”. Sometimes I’ll be reminiscent and theological, while other times I may address what it is that makes girls think PANTY HOSE is acceptable leg-wear …*eye roll*
Whatever the case may be, I would be happy if you’d join me in this uncharted territory. Stop by once a week or so to see what about my seemingly all American life is so Opposite of Ordinary.