College is HARD

Honestly, I cannot comprehend why people think college is so great. Granted, I am not really into the party scene (which apparently is ‘rachet’ AF), but STILL. I work 15-20 hours a week, I’m taking fairly normal classes, and I am BURNT OUT.

First, people tell you that when you get to college, class is optional. FALSE. I am almost finished with my fourth semester of college, and I think I have had one class that didn’t take attendence. WTF. They always tell you they will drop a couple days of attendence if you can’t make it, but honestly who doesn’t use those up in the first three weeks?
I feel my whole life, teachers have told me that they are preparing me for ‘the next stage’, whatever that may be. I was NOT prepared for this. College exams? Yeah you walk out of your first and think ‘hmm I did pretty well’. Let me tell you, that is the first and the last time you will ever think that.
Some classes don’t have assignments. Your entire grade is just based on the exams, and occaisionally some quizzes. Wow, great! No homework! NO. Now, your future is soley dependent on how you answer 40 multiple choice questions while a TA is breathing down your neck making sure you aren’t pushing heroin or cheating or whatever.
On top of ALL that, you are expected to get a full 8 hours of rest, remember when to take online quizzes for five classes, write several papers a week, STUDY YOUR ASS OFF (because your life literally depends on it) for said exams, get a job, and have a SOCIAL LIFE! huh? What sounds fun about that? And if you don’t think you can handle a job, it’s okay, you’ll just be poor.
So maybe I’m just horrible at managing stress, but college is NOTHING like what I was told. Somebody get me my diploma so I can get out and start my life, ASAP.
Peace and love, Leah