Did ya miss me?!

I decided to take a little break during finals week from the blog world. It seems like it has been way longer than two weeks since I wrote though and I am excited to be back!

Today I will attempt to talk about some offensive things without offending anyone too terribly. Well, I guess if you are offended, you can leave and I won’t miss you. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Okay so now that the losers are gone, lets get down to bidnes. When I am up at Purdue, I am fairly isolated. Yes there is lots of diversity in race, education, interests, and other things. However there really aren’t any PARENTS. I live with three other girls my own age, go to class with people my own age, and work with people my own age. It’s actually pretty crazy when you think about it. We are only around people very similar to us as far as where in the walk of life we rank.

I suppose this subject has peaked my interest because I have been back home now for the summer (a gloomy one so far…) for about a week. For the past eight months I have been able to do whatever the hell I want and answer to literally NO ONE. I am not bashing my parents by any means. They are really cool people and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Many times my friends have marveled at how laid back they are about curfews, etc. BUT they are still parents. And if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times, “We were your age once, we know how it is.”

Wrong. It’s 2014 baby!! The world is a completely different place! Drugs and underage drinking are not ‘hush, hush’ anymore. It’s acceptable to be on your phone during church (OMG). Or not go to church at all and still have a relationship with God! (mindblowing I know!) I could continue forever, but I’ll stop here.

My point here is, it’s so awkward, this stage of life. I’m an adult, I’m not an adult…pick one! Sometimes I feel like responsibilities are thrust upon me because I’m ‘an adult’ and other times I’m still a kid and I ‘just don’t understand yet’. Again, I LOVE my parents and they are doing a great job, but I do feel like this is something everyone around my age struggles with. They can’t just kick you out of the nest, but you can’t stay forever either! IT’S AWK. When is okay to be friends with your parents, and when do you stop being their property?

I’m the girl that likes to be very open with my parents. I like to tell them everything, even if I know they don’t agree. I told them last summer and during this school year that I drink underage, and although they don’t agree, it is one of those things they are letting me be an adult about. I appreciate that. They do not have unrealistic expectations in that field. Of course there are things that I don’t tell them, I don’t just word vomit everything as soon as I walk through the door.

I think most people my age desire to be very open with their parents. I think it is a normal thing. Parents are in place to give us advice and coach us through life. The problem with a lot of parents today is how they handle their kid being so open. The reason I feel comfortable is that I know my parents trust me and will not inflict some ridiculous punishment because I went to a frat party like 90% of college freshman. They are RATIONAL. Something I think a lot of parents lack these days. Be approachable, and you will be approached…not that hard people.

I’m not really sure what the point is I’m trying to get across here. I guess to simplify: I love my parents and they do a great job despite the changing demographics of our generation. It’s simply an awkward transition, and someone needed to address it.

Peace and love, Leah