Bang! Bang!

WARNING: some comments included in this blog post may be considered highly ‘merican. Prepare yourself.

Recently on the History Channel, there was a three part series called “The World Wars”. Without sounding like a total nerd, I admit history interests me. I like to know how we got to where we are as a nation, and as people.

The first episode in this series was about the First World War and the emergence of great leaders such as Patton, Mussolini, Hitler, and Roosevelt. I don’t want to bore you with the details, but this was obviously a big war. It wasn’t called a world war for nothing! By the end, there were over 36 million casualties. You know what’s really fucked up about that? 7 million of the dead were civilians. By civilians, I mean people uninvolved in the war. People like you and me, not soldiers. Not trained men, but innocents caught in the cross fire.

The current War on Terror is not exactly on the same scale as World War 1, but still over half a million people have died as a result. More than 200,000 of those being civilians.

With all the violence surrounding us, it’s certainly easy to become immune to information like this. To absent mindedly say, “oh wow that’s a lot of people” and not give it a second thought. But to think that over 200,000 mothers have mourned the loss of their child in the last 12.5 years because of this war? Over 200,000 individuals with friends, life goals, ambitions, and souls…dead. That is mind blowing to me.

Like I said, this war has been dubbed, “The Global War on Terror”. My question is, how are we fighting terrorism by going over to the Middle East and recklessly blowing up innocent people and their homes, possessions, and families because ONE very specific group of people made a bad choice? I am not by any means minimizing the impact of 9/11 on this country, and each individual family that was affected. It was certainly a tragedy, and those responsible should be punished. But killing over 200,000 uninvolved civilians in the process? That sounds a lot like terrorism on our part to me.

Obviously my personal opinion is that when there is conflict, shooting at each other until one side gives up is rarely, if ever, the solution. I just can’t comprehend the point of war. But I doubt any political leader is going to read this and suddenly have an epiphany.

Now, before you think I am all anti-gun, I am absolutely not. I am however, anti shooting innocent people. I think that everyone should at least know how to load a gun, aim, and fire. If you don’t want to have firearms in your home, then don’t. But what is the harm in being prepared to fire a gun in an emergency?

I will have guns in my house. They will be in a secure location, but easily accessible for emergencies. Obama can try to squash the American right to keep and bear arms all he wants, but if some psycho wants to shoot up a school, you better believe a murderer isn’t gonna be concerned about legally attaining a firearm. I, on the other hand would like to be prepared for when said psycho flies off the handle.

Ah, enough with the ranting, you think?

Peace and love, Leah