Just Keep Swimming

Most of my life has been spent looking at a fish. It’s a cute fish, really colorful and friendly. Sometimes it swims around, talking to the other fish. But for the most part it likes to spend time alone with me. I used to really love my fish.

Eventually I was forced to look away from my favorite little fish for just a moment. And do you know what I saw?

The Ocean.

Honestly that’s about how stupid I felt when I started realizing just how many different people believed different things and lived different ways (yeah, that was pretty recently). It’s not that I didn’t know there were different world views, religions, and even cultures. I just never really thought about it. And I absolutely never spent energy trying to understand anything other than what I had been spoon fed.

Back to the ocean analogy:

So now I have ventured quite a bit away from my little fish. I’m in this big ass ocean, just sort of letting the current move me. I’ve met some inspiring people, some weirdos, and even some who knew exactly how I felt after leaving my fish. I have talked to more people about more meaningful things than I ever did when I was chained to my fish. It has been scary as hell, an emotional roller coaster, and most of all a new adventure every single day.

What I have realized during this adventure is that going back to my fish would mean certain death. Most likely not physically, but spiritually and emotionally. In the words of a well known blogger, “It is impossible to unbelieve what you now know.” And what I know is that I do not belong with a singular fish. No one does.

Maybe I am crazy. It’s possible I suppose that abandoning my fish was the worst decision for me. However I would rather die knowing I loved fully and completely across my wide range of faiths and open mindedness, than the alternative: never peeling my eyes off my little fish forever.