Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Those more perceptive to human emotion may have noticed I have been a little down lately. I suppose anyone who read my last post could have guessed that fairly easily. The time prior to a transition brings anxiousness and excitement…plus boredom and discontentment.

That said, with this post I will do something quite out of character for myself. I am going to list some things that make me happy. Some are simple joys found in everyday life, and other occurrences are a little more rare. Please enjoy.

1. Crawling into a bed with clean sheets.

2. The day after I’ve done my nails when the extra on my cuticles has rubbed off so they look perfect.

3. Firing off the perfect witty comeback with no hesitation.

4. Chapstick. Anytime, all the time.

5. Crossing the last item off a list.

6. Laughing so hard no sound escapes my mouth.

7. Wearing jeans for the second day, when they’re still snug from the dryer but not so tight I can’t bend over all the way.

8. Giving the perfect gift to someone I love and watching them open it.

9. Waking up without an alarm on my day off, late enough that I have slept in, but early enough I haven’t wasted the whole day.

10. Laying out.

11. When Charlie runs to the door when I get home, or crawls into bed to snuggle and I know he really does love me.

12. That warm moment before I fall asleep for the rare afternoon nap.

13. Great hair days.

14. Finding a song that sits perfectly in my range and playing it on repeat in my car while alone.

15. Candy.

16. A good detox bath. (Seriously, look them up. They will change your life.)

17. Waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning and rolling over to sleep for another few hours.

18. Diet Coke.

19. Getting to the register and realizing the thing I bought was cheaper than I thought.

20. When someone asks me for help organizing something because they know I am the queen of all things orderly.

21. The smell of burning leaves in the fall.

22. Harmonizing.

23. Moments when I forget responsibility is a real thing.

24. That moment during takeoff or landing when I can just barely see the cars moving along the road.

25. Appropriately polite strangers.

I hope this list made you happy 🙂 Feel free to comment on your favorite, or add some of your own!