Hello readers! It’s been awhile…15 months to be exact, oops. But I’ve dusted off the ol’ keyboard and I thought I’d make my comeback with some big news!

You may or may not have been following Taylor and I as we embarked on this journey to minimalism during the last six months or so (I plan to do a post about my definition of minimalism soon, as it is different for everyone). I’ve never been one to hang on to needless items, and he is what I like to call a serial collector, so the whole process has stretched both of us differently. I want to get rid of everything, he wants to keep things for various reasons. We disagree and then compromise, a frustrating healthy  part of living with another human being. We have made headway though, taking carloads to goodwill, selling items online, etc. In short, it has been refreshing.

During this time, we’ve had a looming deadline hanging over our heads. Our lease on our apartment is up May 31, and we don’t want to sign for another year. Enter: real estate agents, lenders and the stress that comes with spending $100k+ on an glorified pile of 2×4’s and drywall. Seriously, WHY are houses so expensive?! Anyway, we knew we weren’t going to be ready to put a down payment on a home immediately after our lease was up, so we had a predicament: where to live for 2-3 months between apartment-life and house-life.

Luckily, my parents are angels. They offered to let us squat in my old bedroom at their house for a few months. So that was the grand plan. Until we decided maybe 3 months wasn’t going to be long enough.

What if we could live rent free for 6 months? A year? We could use that time and money to get 100% debt free before getting into a mortgage. We could actually be ready to put a healthy down payment on a house instead of scraping together loose change and hoping it’s enough. We could be ready to start a family and feel good about our ability to provide for our children. We could start investing now, when it matters.

A year with no rent could change everything for us.

So the conversation shifted. It went in a direction I didn’t see coming. My dad said 7 words I never thought I’d hear, “What if we built a tiny house?” Say WHAT now?!

But it made total sense! With some help, we could build one ourselves and sell it for a profit of 2-3 times that after a year or so.

Amazingly, everyone was on board. I couldn’t believe it. This grand adventure and answer to so many uncertainties just fell into our laps.

So, we said yes. Yes to a 170 square foot home for a year (or more!). Yes to getting rid of 90% of what we own. Yes to living 20 yards from my parents. Yes to being completely debt free.

That was 2 weeks ago. Today, the base for our trailer is being built in Toronto, designs are well underway, and our tentative move-in date is late May. We are selling almost everything and embracing our new tiny life. We are excited, nervous and unable to fall asleep some nights. We are so looking forward to what the next year brings.

Stay tuned for updates along the way!

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