I am a college dropout. I attended Purdue for 2.5 years, got married and moved back to Indy. Then I attempted to finish my degree at IUPUI for a year, and just one semester short of graduation I decided to stop. I’d say the most common response I get when I tell people is confusion and disappointment. It bothered me for a while, and then one day it just didn’t. I made the decision to quit because I was miserable. I don’t owe anyone an explanation for that, and I don’t plan to elaborate anymore on the subject.

Two weeks ago, I quit my job. I know, you are shocked. “But Leah, you loved that job!” “What about all the opportunities to travel?” “Do you have something else lined up?” “I thought you wanted to do that forever?” Yeah, those thoughts crossed my mind too. I did love that job. I loved traveling. No, I don’t have something else lined up. I thought I wanted to do it forever too. Until I didn’t anymore. It was a great job, and I would have been satisfied there for a while. But for a few different reasons I just couldn’t stay. And now, I’ll stop elaborating on that too, because neither my unfinished degree nor my abandoned career is the point of this blog post.

The point is, I am unsure about a lot of areas in my life right now. I have no degree, no job and in 12 days, no home.

But, I’m okay.

I have an incredible husband, family and friends. I have a plan, and I’m taking things one day at a time. Maybe this new plan will work out. Maybe it will crash and burn. Maybe I’ll do events again someday. Maybe not. You can’t plan life, because if you do, you’re gonna be disappointed.

For now, I’ll sit here and watch my husband and father work on our tiny house. I’ll go home to our nearly empty apartment tonight and fall asleep, wake up tomorrow and figure out what the future holds a little bit at a time.

Stay tuned, it’s bound to be an interesting ride.