Have you ever noticed that the sun gets the most attention during sunrise and sunset? Not many people look up at the sun in the middle of the day and comment on how remarkable it is.

I think the same is true for a human life. We start out with this awe inspiring potential. We emerge over a field of endless possibility. Then as we age, we begin to reflect back on our time on earth. We dig our heels in and try to make time last just a little while longer before the horizon darkens.

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of being my grandmother’s (mom’s mom) primary caretaker four days a week. Grandma is in the sunset of life and it has been such an adventure to experience her during this time.

This woman is remarkable. She is joyous, inquisitive and kind. I’m struggling with words because I don’t feel I can adequately describe her glowing personality. She laughs when she accidentally throws Stella’s ball into a picture frame. She says “oh well” when she has trouble remembering something that would’ve come to mind with ease just a year ago. She tickles me when I’m getting her dressed.

Grandma has had a full life. She’s loved people so well and so passionately. I am honored and humbled to be a part of her life and to be able to take care of such a beautiful soul.

She is the most breathtaking sunset I’ve ever seen.