Gratitude: Day 14

I am grateful for alone time.

I am a typical introvert. I thrive on alone time. There is just something about being in a space, totally by myself (except for my fur babies) that makes me instantly calm and joyful.

I also thrive on structure and order. Since May, I’ve had a very predicable weekly schedule and that is a-okay with me. On Tuesday nights, I get home from my 36-hour shift at Grandma’s for 36 hours of off time before I head back. Usually, my dad is the only one home and he’s either watching TV or in his office.

This is hands-down, my favorite time of the week. I’ll take a hot bath, get in my jammies, grab some coffee and popcorn, and snuggle up in bed with Mo and Stella. I watch Netflix. I fold laundry. I clean out the litter box. I browse Pinterest. I work on coaster orders. It doesn’t really matter what I’m doing, because I’m alone and that makes me so happy.

Alone time rocks.

31 days of gratitude