Ten. That is how many days until I am a married woman. Ten days until I am Mrs. Leah Michelle DeBaun. Ten days until I stand in front of 200 people and marry my best friend. Ten. I am excited. I am nervous. I am ready. Alright I think that’s about it. P.S. I hope … More Ten.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Those more perceptive to human emotion may have noticed I have been a little down lately. I suppose anyone who read my last post could have guessed that fairly easily. The time prior to a transition brings anxiousness and excitement…plus boredom and discontentment. That said, with this post I will do something quite out of … More Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Being Engaged Sucks

It’s been a couple months since I’ve written, and many a thing has changed in that time! I am very happily engaged to one of my long time childhood friends, looking ahead to my senior year of college and bracing for the beginning of my career as a [hopefully] successful event planner. Now that I’ve … More Being Engaged Sucks

A Day In The Life…

…of Charlie! Haha! I got you to click on the link out of curiosity and now I’m going to talk about my cat! Suckers! Okay, please don’t leave me I’ll make this post as entertaining as possible for you cat haters, I promise. -Morning Time- Stretchhhh. Ahh, yet another day in captivity. I suppose it … More A Day In The Life…

Be Considerate

Introducing guest blogger, Eric David, my brother and my friend. Eric is working to earn his Masters of Social Work at IUPUI downtown Indy and works as a valet at the Columbia Club on the circle. Let’s put our hands together for Eric! I bet I can make most of you exceedingly infuriated in just … More Be Considerate

Just Keep Swimming

Most of my life has been spent looking at a fish. It’s a cute fish, really colorful and friendly. Sometimes it swims around, talking to the other fish. But for the most part it likes to spend time alone with me. I used to really love my fish. Eventually I was forced to look away … More Just Keep Swimming

Life, man.

I haven’t ever understood the meaning of busy until this summer. I have a full time job that requires cross country traveling, a boyfriend with a schedule almost as crazy as mine, parents that miss me and want me home as much as possible, two best friends counting the days until we have to be … More Life, man.

Bang! Bang!

WARNING: some comments included in this blog post may be considered highly ‘merican. Prepare yourself. Recently on the History Channel, there was a three part series called “The World Wars”. Without sounding like a total nerd, I admit history interests me. I like to know how we got to where we are as a nation, … More Bang! Bang!